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Centro Selva Artist Residency 2013

Experience 21 intense days immersed in the life, culture and art of Peru’s rural tropical rainforest 

Disciplines and media: Visual Art Performing Arts Textile Art Music Literature New Media

Presentation:To be considered, candidates must download this .doc file and fill in all areas: download application >> Attach a minimum of 3 images of past work (JPEG, TIF, PNG, GIF). Please limit videos to less than 5 minutes(avi, mpeg, quicktime, wav, mp3 ).Attach PDF and images of previous work and email them to

Application and project presentation periods:Project portfolios must be received:
Non Peruvian Artists: by March 15th
Peruvian Artists: by April 15thResults of application will be announced personally:
Non Peruvian Artists, by March 30th 
Peruvian Artists, by April 30thPayments must be made:
Non Peruvian Artists, by April 30th 
Peruvian Artists, by May 30th
General requirements for candidates: Must be 21 or older Must have good command of Spanish and/or English Must have expe…