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Centro Selva 2015

Nicholas Fairbank (Canada) Nicholas Fairbank is a composer, conductor and organist from Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada.  He findshimself drawn to creating both instrumental and vocal music, but music for the voice, whether solo or ensemble, is particularly attractive to him, because of the ways that the text can inspire the music.  He considers himself fortunate to have been able to write for many talented singers over the years, for his students, and for the choirs he has directed, and other ensembles who have commissioned works from him. His music is essentially lyrical and tonal, but with coloristic influences, and it often makes use of non-traditional scales and polytonality.He continues to explore new influences and sources of inspiration. His main project to be developed during his stay at the Centre will be a 10-to-15-minute musical composition for voices and instrumental ensemble.  He will be looking for inspiration from his time in Peru and from…