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En la Residencia
Photo: Mwamba Mulangala

Exhibitions: Cuerpo y Tierra (previous to the residency)  and  RESIDENCIA PARA ARTISTAS 2012 (final residency exhibition)

Workshop on Shipibo-Conibo Art ( at the farm)

Artist Talk (Centro Cultural,  Pucallpa)

Visit to the Shipibo - Conibo community of Panaillo

photo: Rosaura Del La Cruz

photo: Mwamba Mulangala

Working at the residency

Artists Experience
Alexander Mackenzie Before Centro Selva I never had been involved with an artist residency program. My impressions of what these sorts of programs should contain and consist of was based entirely on an outsiders perspective and hearsay. Having just graduated from university, all my previous experience came from a strong studio background and I suppose I somehow thought that that setting would be replicated in the amazon as some sort of microcosm of the "art world" that I was already accustomed to. My expectations, though vague to begin with, were not met in the way that I had imagined but o…

Participantes Centro Selva Julio - Agosto 2012 / July - August 2012 Centros Selva Artist in Residency Participants

Mwamba Mulangala (Zambia, 1976). His artwork is based on an inquiry into the rights and responsibilities of individuals and groups as they struggle to survive and thrive in society, and the relationships between them. This includes personal provocations, the fight for access to equal opportunities, conflict resolution and political activism. His creative journey began with a period of paintings developed from recycling canvases he initially used as paint mixing surfaces. He now creates allegorical pieces that include assemblages and combinations of painting and installation using found and waste material. He studied Art Education at the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce. Apart from a number of solo exhibitions in Zambia, Mwamba has exhibited at the Dubuque Museum of Art in Iowa and has also been part of group exhibitions in New York City and Los Angeles, including Heidelberg in Germany, and the Dak’Art African Contemporary Art Biennale in Dakar, Senegal. In addition, he…

Evaluating Committeee July–August 2012 / Comité de Selección julio - agosto 2012

Artista - Directora / Artist - Director Diana Fiorella Riesco Lind (Pucallpa, Perú). En 1998 ingresa a la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú y egresa en el año 2003. En el 2007 recibe el título de Licenciada en Artes Plásticas con mención en Pintura. En el 2008, cuadros de su serie Origen fueron seleccionados para la “Biennal Exhibition Latin Views 2008” - Alexy von Schippe Gallery, Connecticut USA. El año 2008 viaja a Suecia para realizar sus estudios de maestría en Artes Plásticas con especialización en Medios Digitales en la Escuela de Bellas Artes de Valand, Gotemburgo, Suecia, y culmina sus estudios el 2010. En el 2010 sigue el curso de Cine Experimental de la  Escuela de Fotografía de la Universidad de  Göteborg, su video “A Feminine Game” fue seleccionado para “The Kunstfilmtag Düsseldorf”, Düsseldorf, Alemania. En el 2011 su tesis de maestría, Legacy: a gift of property, a journey through the context of the artist and the art, es publicada por LAP LAMBERT Academic Publish…

Centro Selva in Fundación Telefónica Lima

Viernes 27 de abril /Friday April 27th 2012
Directora Diana Riesco-Lind presenta el proyecto Centro Selva en Fundación Telefónica Lima.
Director Diana Reisco Lind  presents the Centro Selva project in Fundación Telefónica Lima

Centro Selva Amazon Center for Investigation in Arts and Sciences 
Centro Selva is a Peruvian center promoting projects, studies and training in the arts and sciences in the Central Amazon region. Situated on the farmlands of the company Margenes del Bosque, the center is in the Amazonian tropical rain forest of Eastern Peru. Margenes del Bosque is an agricultural and livestock center that is working in conjunction with CS to develop holistic projects of responsible production with a multidisciplinary approach.

Centro SelvaCentro Amazónico para la Investigación en Artes y Ciencias
Centro Selva es un centro Peruano que promueve proyectos de estudio, investigación y capacitación en las áreas de las artes y ciencias en la región de la Amazonía Central del Perú.
 Actualmente, CS se encuentra en el este de Perú, en el centro de la selva tropical peruana, en las tierras agrícolas de la empresa Márgenes del Bosque.
Márgenes del Bosque es un centro agro ganadero que está trabajando en conjunto c…
Centro Selva

Artistes Residencies Centro Selva is happy to present the first artist residency program of the Central Peruvian Amazon. This residency program seeks to create and encourage the exchange between Amazon based artists and foreign artists in search of mutual enrichment.  
It seeks to create opportunities for artists in the Amazon region to work with international artists, and to utilize new spaces to expand their own artistic possibilities, as well as to  provide international artists the chance to study and create in a unique and culturally rich area of the world.
The CS residency is an artist run program.  In seeking to involve the local artist community, a percentage of the international participant’s contributions will go towards a fund aiding the participation of local artists.

Centro Selva Residency includes: During your stay, we will have a city tour of Pucallpa, with special interest in the art spaces that the city offers, such as Eduardo Meza Saravia Art School, Pucallpa C…
History of Centro Selva

"In 1980, the year of my birth, the Riesco Lind family purchased the farm called La Molina in the Campo Verde district in the tropical rain forest of Peru. Later our family business of Margenes del Bosque originated on this land. Although our family farm operations continued, while I was still a child I left there to live in the USA and then Lima. In the last nine years my art has driven me back to revisit roots in Pucallpa. All my current art work connects in one way or another to this land or its people.
My six year bachelors degree is from La Catolica University in Lima with a specialization in Painting. My thesis was titled Shipibo–Conibo Survivors, artistic development and influences of a living culture, from drawing to painting. This thesis stu died the art development of the Shipibo-Conibo, a Central Amazonian native community.
My masters degree is from a cooperative program between Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg University and the IT Universit…
Artistes Residencies Application 2012
·         Must be 21 or older
·         Must have good command of Spanish and/or English
·         Must have experience in an artistic field.
To be considered, candidates must present a portfolio with the following (in PDF format):
·         Letter of intention (under 600 words)
·         CV including professional, personal and artistic experience
·         A minimum of 3 images of past work (JPEG, TIF, PNG, GIF) Please limit videos to     less than 5 minutes(avi, mpeg, quicktime, wav, mp3 ).
·         Project portfolios must be received by April 30th.
·         Results of application will be announced by May 11th
·         Payments must be made by June 1st
20 days – from July 23, 2012 through August 11, 2012
Visual Art
Performing Arts
Textile Art
New Media
Film Making