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Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia Artist in Residence programs 2015 Jurado


Liz Tania Diaz Vela / Peru
Liz Tania Diaz Vela is a professional artist born in Pucallpa City, Ucayali, Peru. She studied art at the Public School for Art Studies - Eduardo Meza Saravia, where she now is a professor. She has had several individual and collective exhibitions in different Peruvian cities such as The Pucallpa Cultural Center (Pucallpa), La Casa O’Higgins (Lima), the Iquitos Cultural Center (Iquitos) , The gallery of the  Huánuco Municipality (Huánuco), etc. In 2012 her photographs were finalists at PACA (Contemporary Amazon Art Awards). She has been finalist in several national art competitions and has been invited as curator and jury for several regional art contests.
She is director of several art workshops for kids in marginal areas and works developing cultural events in the region such as exhibits, contests, festivals, etc., in which she seeks to sensitize the community  in general towards education and inclusion. Liz has been a strong collaborator with several in…