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Centro Selva 2016 : JUNE

JUNE 2016 We are having the visit of the textile artists : Anna Möller,  Hans Nirsted,Math , Andersson Alexandra Friada Maria Linnea Peterson  from  Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm,Sweden.  Welcome!  

Anna Möller ”Kombucha Project”
Kombucha was first brewed in China 220 BC and is a symbiosis of bacteria and yeasts that ferments in tea. Kombucha is a carbonated drink which is filled with vitamins, bacteria and antioxidants. In my work, I have extracted fibers from the kombucha by dehydrate the organism which then turns into a leather like material. 100% organic. How can we produce, repair and recycle materials in the future? Technique: Growing my own fabric. Natural dye with tea and black beans.

Mathias Nirstedt

ALLEXANDRA ANDERSSON "This project was a discovery of structures, in which I repeatedly followed the materials’ lead. I was inspired by the aesthetics of an archive, the melancholy that lies beneath stored belongings and hidden memories. The wal…