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Conversatorio de artistas de Centro Selva 2017 El viernes 21 de julio | 5:30pm | Lugar: ESFAP Eduardo Mesa Sarabia | INGRESO LIBRE  Conoce a los Artistas. 
Exposición Fin de Residencia   El jueves 3 de agosto | 7pm | Lugar: Centro Cultural  de Pucallpa | INGRESO LIBRE <SOLO POR UNA NOCHE> 
ARTISTAS PARTICIPANTES: Artistas Residentes:  Sofía Ramírez Tejeda, Perú,  Isabella Ridler – UK,  Miguel Keerveld – Surinam, Victoria Moyano Vargas- Argentina, Molly Ott – USA
Artistas  Coordinador Diana Fiorella Riesco Lind Diego Molina Campodónico.

Visiting Artist / Artista Visitante en Coordinacion: Diego Molina Campodonico

Visiting Artist / Artista Visitante:  Diego Molina Campodonico
My work tries to make us compare ourselves with our bio-psychic reactions in the presence of the pictorial fact, the experience of color and the potential that the painting has to touch the reality and tell us something of the present. The long tradition of painting and its human limitations in material realization, have ended up producing new paradigms in the face of the changes that are occurring in the way in which we observe, analyze, represent and understand the image. My work explores these paradigms. In its development technical and thematic mutations emerged and today I got to focus my interest on the deconstruction of my painting processes by investigating the field of perception.

Mi obra busca confrontarnos con nuestras propias reacciones bio-psicológicas frente al hecho pictórico la experiencia del color y la potencialidad que tiene la pintura para tocar la realidad y comunicar acerca del presente. La larga tradic…

Centro Selva 2017 Group Artist in Residence

Molly  Ott – USA

Molly Ott is a South Carolinian (USA) with a BS in Visual Art and a BA in Spanish from Lander University. She first began working three dimensionally in 2014 and from her appreciation for thinking in multiple angles, she began to recognize the power of interdisciplinary work for impressing upon people’s perspectives. Her process is scientific in nature, from installation layout to material of the subject, and history inspires her through culture and societal cause-and-effect. The devotion to presenting hope and justice in her work is best represented through found object materials and much of her art utilizes the forms that different kinds of food make. She is attracted to objects that are regularly overlooked and, by how she presents them, aiding a viewer in making a personal connection with their value. Ultimately all of what she wants to achieve as an artist is summed up into encouraging people to cultivate their perspectives. Her responsibility is to create an envir…