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Artists in Residence December Toño nuñez and Rocío Rendón Castañeda

Rocio Rendon  Rocio Rendon Contact information: phone: 993012168 Rocio Rendon is an engraving artist graduated from ENSABAP-National Superior Autonomous School of Fine Arts of Peru (Peru's National School of Fine Arts, 1998). She has presented two solo exhibitions: Scrape and Win. Playful print in liquidation (Scratch and Win, Playful Print on sale, 2007, Artco Art Gallery, Lima) and Malestar de la Cultura (Uneasiness in culture, 2009, Artco Art Gallery, Lima). She also took part in several collective exhibitions in Peru as well as in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Spain. In 2008 she was awarded with the MOLAA International Prize for Painting and Two-Dimentional Mixed Media. Previously, she won the first prize of the XXVII ICPNA-Instituto Peruano Norteamericano's Engraving Hall (Peruvian North American Cultural Institute, 1997, Lima)…