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Centro Selva Artist in Residence 2013


Centro Selva 2013 Paticipantes

Manuel Larrea Hernández (Peru) Manuel Larrea Hernández was born in, Peru, in 1974. He graduated in Arts with specialization in Sculpture, in Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, in 2012, and complemented his training with studies in Multimedia, in Instituto Tolouse Lautrec, 2001-2002, and various workshops in audio, electronics and interactivity, in Centro Fundación Telefónica, 2006-2008. Between 2004 and 2011, he has presented a series of three individual exhibitions titled Imágenes de Guerra (Images of War). Manuel’s work has an aggressive tendency: through it, the artist explores, from a critical and reflexive viewpoint, various themes related to war, technology and environmental degradation. The use of steel as a means of expression predominates in the various series that make up this project. Manuel has received various distinctions, including Premio Adolfo Winternitz to academic achievement, and Premio otorgado por la crítica, Facultad de Arte PUCP, Lima, 1998. He has receiv…

Centro Selva en Lima Transitos y Confluencias

El Centro Cultural O’Higgins de la Pontificia Universidad Católica y la asociación cultural Centro Selva, Arte y Ciencia presentarán la exposición Centro Selva en Lima: tránsitos y confluencias, que se llevará a cabo desde el 3 de julio del 2013 hasta el 18 de agosto del presente.La exposición colectiva es el resultado de la primera residencia de artistas realizada en Pucallpa y reúne la obra de los artistas internacionales Alex McKenzie (USA), Dulce Villasana (México), Hebert Gouvea (Brasil), Henry Ortiz Tapia (Perú), Joke Raes (Bélgica), Mwamba Mulangala (Zambia), Ofri Lapid (Israel-Alemania), Rosaura De La Cruz Díaz (Perú); y los artistas locales Diana Riesco Lind, Liz Tania Díaz Vela, Daniel Esteban Cárdenas Ledezma, Walter Keyvin Tamani Arirama, Raquel Castillo Zuta, Richard Pool, Garcia Paredes, Gina Arevalo Valles, Leo Verde Tolentino, Joel Pacaya Armas, Miriam Soria Gonzales, Frank Javier Yirio Soria. Se trata de una muestra colectiva interdisciplinaria –fotografía, instalació…

Centro Selva 2013 Artist in Residency Aplication Deadline


Centro Selva from Ucayali to Lima


Centro Selva Artist Residency 2013

Experience 21 intense days immersed in the life, culture and art of Peru’s rural tropical rainforest 

Disciplines and media: Visual Art Performing Arts Textile Art Music Literature New Media

Presentation:To be considered, candidates must download this .doc file and fill in all areas: download application >> Attach a minimum of 3 images of past work (JPEG, TIF, PNG, GIF). Please limit videos to less than 5 minutes(avi, mpeg, quicktime, wav, mp3 ).Attach PDF and images of previous work and email them to

Application and project presentation periods:Project portfolios must be received:
Non Peruvian Artists: by March 15th
Peruvian Artists: by April 15thResults of application will be announced personally:
Non Peruvian Artists, by March 30th 
Peruvian Artists, by April 30thPayments must be made:
Non Peruvian Artists, by April 30th 
Peruvian Artists, by May 30th
General requirements for candidates: Must be 21 or older Must have good command of Spanish and/or English Must have expe…