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Helene Nymann Artist Denmark Group Artist in Residence Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia 2018

Helene Nymann Artist Denmark Artist in Residence Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia 2018 Exhibition ICPNA Pucallpa Gallery August 18, 2018
Hola. Soy Helene Nymann, de Copenhague. Es mi primera vez en el Perú y en Centro Selva. Hice esta pieza porque estaba muy inspirada, por supuesto, en la naturaleza y el ambiente, pero también estuve pensando más en la memoria en la naturaleza y los diferentes sistemas por los que recordamos, que es a menudo el eje de mi trabajo. Para esta pieza y para esta exhibición, todos los materiales son del área de Campo Verde, en las afueras de Pucallpa, y estuve trabajando con cuatro preguntas que vemos escritas aquí en la pared. Las cuatro preguntas son ¿Qué nos imaginamos? ¿Qué soñamos?, ¿qué olvidamos?, ¿qué recordamos?, ¿qué aprendemos? Esas preguntas están escritas en la lengua shipiba para abordar esa cultura y su lenguaje, que también es algo que he investigado, sus patrones, Tomando el lenguaje y usando eso para preguntarnos a dónde está yendo esa cultura y qué re…

Artist Nixon Pasquel Chota, Centro Selva group Artist in residencie program August 2018

Nixon Pasquel Chota Artist Peru Artist in Residence Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia 2018 Exhibition ICPNA Pucallpa Gallery August 18, 2018
Hi. I am Nixon Pasquel Chota, professional artist. I am from the city of Contamana, but I live here in Pucallpa. I studied here in the Eduardo Mesa Sarabia Art School. I will explain a bit about my work. What we did in Centro Selva. What you can appreciate here. We have an Amazonian face. She is a Shipibo woman with a jar, the ayahuasca vines, and the handcrafts. This has been worked in cold pottery. It represents the rainforest woman. And here you can also see another piece, on a support made of plywood (also called “trupan”), also worked on cold pottery.  As we can see, we have a female face with an orchid and a humming bird, that represents the forests. The flower and the woman that makes a union and the humming bird with the flower. And here is a piece we worked on at Centro Selva. With organic recycling, with branches and vines, and also part of the sc…

Resident Artist Annika Kappner ( Germany )

Annika Kappner (1980 Berlin, DE) explores possibilities of sensory composition combining painting, installation, sculpture, sound, and performance. Her work is interested in the evolution of consciousness, the shifting perception of (self) image in relation to mental patterns and the underlying forces that shape their systemic counterparts in nature, visual arts, technology, and science. She seeks to add experiential perspectives to the contemporary relation between human, nature, and technology; addressing concepts of non-duality and otherness, to explore alternatives to the capitalist, exploitative structures of thinking and being. Her work has been presented, among others, at Kunstfort Vijfhuizen (NL), Marres House for Contemporary Art Maastricht (NL), National Museum of Natural History, Menton (FR), Wallace Museum (UK), Victoria and Albert Museum (UK) and Brian Morris Gallery (NY).

During her residency she worked in her research project Latent Colours of the Future Mind II that exp…